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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

fabulous fall

It's here. Today was one of those interesting weather days we get in the Pacific Northwest. I managed to walk to work before the rain hit, then looked up periodically through the day to see pouring rain and puddles on the roof, then blue skies with puffy white clouds, then sideways rain sending yellow leaves scattering, then golden sunlight with deep gray thunderheads looming in the west. So changeable.

Here are some things making this fall fabulous:

  • A very good friend coming to visit next week... I can't wait to see her and spend time together
  • Minou making waffles for desserts
  • Family dinners with laughter, sharing a few stories, and no sniping
  • Camaraderie, friendship, and learning with the fabulous nurses I work with
  • Wearing knee boots and tights daily
  • The amazing, caring, dedicated, and intelligent teen boys I'm privileged to mother
  • My husband's patience with my shorter-day grouchy moods
  • Jogging again, ever so gentle a start
  • Minou's healing (kidney stones are the worst)
  •  Hot soup, hot tea, and especially hot coffee
  • Lunch dates and walks with my mom
  • The gift of Guinness for Andrew's Day
  • A trip to the art store with Minou and G2
  • Starting a sketchbook: one a day
  • Possibilities for G1: too soon to mention 
  • No homework (unless it's self-imposed)
  • Downpours while warm and cozy indoors
  • CSA boxes full of fall vegetables
  • A big brown dog with soft ears at my feet
  • A good high school start for G2
  • We're getting a new oven and can bake again
And that's all for tonight. What are three fabulous things in your life this fall?

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