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Monday, July 30, 2012

five things

Inspired by the incomparable Katy of the NonConsumerAdvocate, I thought I would make a list of five things making me happy today.

1) Pandora Radio. I have used it before, but had forgotten about it! I often don't play music while at home, and the process has become more complicated as speakers and I-Devices and such migrate around the house (often into teenagers' rooms). I love being able to play music in so many genres and learn about new pieces or performers. Right now I'm listening to Yael Naim Radio.

2) Watching my P'tit Minou Deux, who is sitting in the rocking chair wearing my bathrobe and reading a good book (The Candy Shop War) we got at the library yesterday. Too bad he won't let me take his picture for the blog. He's pretty darn cute. Or should I say handsome? Not to mention fun to be around. Just like P'tit Minou Un.

3) Blueberries from our bushes. Several times before the boys came back, I stood outside and grazed off the bushes for dinner. I love eating along the path, gathering before each meal, and still having enough to bake with (cinnamon banana blueberry muffins today).

4) Jogging. Wow, I'm so happy that I can do this. It is a daily dose of happiness. I especially like to roll out of bed and go. I come back and start my day sweaty, relaxed, and energized.

5) Having a planner. I just found one for the reasonable price of $2.99 when I was looking for school supply sales for the p'tit minous. Since I love to make lists and have trouble keeping everything in my working memory, this tool will help me keep up with school assignments. And everything else. I am continually working on the process of learning to set small, achievable, measurable goals. It helps. Otherwise I can spend a lot of less-than-optimally-used time  (hate the expression and concept of "wasting time") sitting in front of a big project, feeling overwhelmed.

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