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Friday, August 26, 2011


There is a hint of fall coming evident in the later mornings--stunning sunrise at 6:15 this morning--and earlier evenings. Dusk fell around 8:15, while I was still chatting with my neighbor and gearing up for some garden projects after work (oops...they will still be there tomorrow). The changing season is also evident in the flurry of back-to-school mailings and requests for school fees and donations arriving daily. This is an expensive time of year, even when trying to live simply. Photos, school supplies (reuse/recycle is the way to go...), program fees...we live in a state with a sadly underfunded public education system. I am very grateful, however, for the quality of the public French language immersion program both my boys are part of. And happy that I've been budgeting for these once-a-year expenses throughout the year.

Other changes on the horizon...trying to find a dress (via beg/borrow/barter) for my dear friend C's San Francisco wedding coming up so soon. Sadly, the one I had hoped to wear no longer fits. 15 years has added 15 pounds--darn it. Luckily, all eyes will be on C., looking lovely as always, so I'm trying not to worry too much.

And finally--can't wait to welcome back Minou and my boys. I'm in a tizzy trying to finish projects, clean our slightly neglected home, pull weeds, and stock the pantry. No time for West Wing episodes now! I have to stop and remind myself that if everything doesn't get finished according to my idealized vision, it's okay. Being together, appreciating each other,  is what is important.

I know that they (the boys) will be excited to be home and unfold their wings, as well as see their friends and (maybe?) return to school, moving on to the adventure of high school for G1. It was not one of my favorite life transitions,  but he has a strong group of friends from many years back and is part of a smaller program within a larger school. There isn't much turnaround time for either one, jumping back into their regular activities right away. They are hoping to get in one overnight family nature outing since we will miss our traditional Labor Day camping at gorgeous and serene Waldo Lake, one of my favorite spots on earth.

Any traditions for the changing seasons?

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