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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Week, Weekend

Happy weekend, everyone! I really enjoy and feel grateful for the time to relax and pursue home projects. I am happy to say that my home feels clean and organized due to a little company's-coming inspiration this past week. I'm not sure why I need that, but it's effective.

I find myself posting less as the summer goes along. I'm not sure if it's from being busier or...lacking some inspiration with my family gone? I have settled into a groove (and am now sleeping just fine, thank you) but I am so, so, so excited that I will have them back with me in just two short weeks. I would say that I can't wait, but I need the time to prepare! G1 was asking me on the phone if I could have some of his American favorite foods ready for their arrival. Of course! For those vegetarian boys, favorites include tofu dogs and veggie burgers... not standard fare in France. With the garden and berries and fruit trees all producing a lot right now, I have also been trying to harvest, bag, bake, and freeze all I can. (blackberries, zucchini bread, plums for jam and pies...)

This week I....

  • photographed a lovely calendula heart, which I can't take credit for noticing

  • had something delivered for a mystery project

  • had to pull this cute yet sneaky dog off the bed multiple times in the night

(why did I ever let him sleep with me?!)

  • finally said goodbye to the comfy, dusty, old red couch (and then felt sad)

  • had a great dinner and ice cream with some very good friends and my mom, and viewed their work-in-progress bathroom remodel, which they are general contracting theimselves (and which Minou designed!!)

  • No, that's not their bathroom! Just a temporary solution and place to enjoy the full moon.


  • had the pleasure of a dear friend passing through town and getting to catch up with her

  • absorbed some challenging news at work

  • hosted a small dinner gathering

  • Started to watch this TV series from the library and was predictably hooked (the colors!)

  • How about you? Tell one thing about your week or weekend!

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