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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jam Packed

The days and weeks fly by. Tuesday, again? How did that happen?
Why does time seem to speed up more and more the older I get?
Sometimes the hours feel too full to accomplish all I want to do.
But what I most want to do is slow down and just be.

Soon. This weekend we're going away.
I'm really looking forward to a mini-vacation together as a family.
I have a big stack of books on CD for the long car trip south through the mountains: Bill Bryson, Car Talk, Dave Barry, This American Life. Something for every family member.

And when we arrive at our destination: walking, cooking, swimming, cuddling, movie watching, relaxing....

But in the meantime: lesson planning, quiz writing, homework helping, homework correcting, working, shopping, packing. Back to it!

Having something to look forward to is so helpful.

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