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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mono No Aware

Long silence.
My boys/men came home. Wonderful to have them here, home.
And an adjustment. We had a few unsteady weeks as we all found our new routines--boys jumping right back into school and activities, medical appointments, catching up on missed summer activities while the weather allowed...camping. biking. friends. Me trying to keep up with the new levels of laundry, happy noise, piles of giant shoes and homework on the floor.

Now, we are in a good rhythm. And autumn is really upon us, and as I do every year, I resisted, resisted, and then made peace with it. I do love the beauty of this season. It is also so poignant. When the grey skies and rain settles in and the mornings and evenings grow darker, something pulls at me, a lingering ache, a twinge of sadness mixed with appreciation for the temporariness of everything.

Mono no aware: the pathos of things.

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