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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Delicious Day Off

A midweek day off--I love my alternate Tuesdays! (I also love my job as a family planning nurse). Today was a treat. I started the day with a quick (though slow) jog with the dog. After taking the boys to school and a brief stint studying, I went out with my mom to a local garden store. As an early birthday present, she allowed me to choose EIGHT gorgeous blueberry plants to fill the EIGHT holes I had dug for just that purpose. (My birthday isn't til June, but the rainy weather now is perfect for establishing the root systems!). I chose eight different varieties, from very early to very late: Blue Ray, Bluecrop, Chandler, Darrow, Rubel, Earliblue, Duke..I forget the last one. Then she treated me to lattes and a healthy lunch out: Thai chicken salad and fruit salad. After we got home, I figured out how to post photos on the blog--very satisfying! Then went to meet a friend whose little "Nicolas" is due to be born any day now. (She put it: "You'd better come see me now before I pop!") We walked to a local bakery and had treats after her first little one gave me a tour of his room. Then I rushed home to get to pick up my own boys from the Y and ballet class, fixed dinner with a glass of wine, and began our evening routines after G2 taught me how to single-and-double cast on (we're learning to knit!). Now off to a nice early bedtime--must get up early and plant those bushes before work tomorrow!

note: pictures are in reverse order--still figuring this photo business out

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