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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Rising

It seemed fitting to climb something last Sunday--the perspective gained from rising above daily views and worries. So we set out to climb the Butte, a small mountain nearby, from a trailhead we don't use as often. The hike was a little longer than I had remembered, but it started in an old apple orchard and meandered through some lowland forest full of beautiful wildflowers before ascending the hill. We ended up covered in mud (the dogs also found some lovely green poop to roll in) and a little late for Easter Dinner at our good friend's next door, but it all worked out well. A good hike was had by all, the dogs were hosed down, people showered, quick Mac-and-Cheese with garlic bechamel whipped together, and we arrived in time for Bunny Cake (decorated by Grammy and G2) and good company. The evening finished off with an intense game of Life. Hope your Easter was lovely too!

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