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Sunday, January 29, 2012

B-Day x 2

Today is a pretty big day around here, what with not one but TWO family birthdays. 15 years ago today, G1 arrived just in time to share a birthday cake with Minou (in his arms, that is), having kept his excited & expectant first-time parents waiting a little more than 2 weeks past his predicted due date.

We are fairly low-key with birthdays around here, but try to do something to make the celebrated one feel special. Usually they choose a dinner and a cake. This year, they are thankfully going to combine cakes (Minou and I are trying to eat healthier). Dinner will be a Tofurkey for Minou and pad thai for G1.

There were flowers on the breakfast table for Minou, because when you are celebrating 40-some years on our planet, a little fanciness and bright colors are called for. For G1, there was a lot of ribbing about drivers permits, something that strikes terror into Mama Minou's heart.

The plans for the day include a trip to our wonderful public library, shoe shopping for Minou, and maybe a good game of Scrabble (I recently discovered Words with Friends and want to try the original again). Minou was supposed to have the day off the dishes, but I just heard the water least, he had the morning off chicken duty! I got up early and cleaned the Ladies' coop so that he could lounge in bed a little longer.

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