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Saturday, April 21, 2012

solo saturday

Minou and the minous are heading down to San Francisco today for a solo adventure--a required trip to the French Consulate to renew the kids' passports (every 5 years for children). I remember doing this by mail before, but they have a new type of "biometric" passport now for which you must apply in person (I'm actually not sure what this means & am imagining something very high-tech--will they perform a retinal scan?!).

I hope that they will actually enjoy their one day of sightseeing as well. I was recently there for a contraception conference and had a fantastic time riding cable cars, visiting museums, and enjoying city sights (and most of all, visiting with some close friends). I also learned A LOT about birth control and reproductive health--what an incredible experience!

Anyway, they will be staying at the same hotel, the Grant--clean, quiet, central, and reasonably priced. I encouraged them to ride the cablecars, visit Chinatown and the Exploratorium...basically, recreate my trip (minus the contraception part) so that we can compare notes  (I kept thinking "They would LOVE this!" while I was there).

And me? My plan is to catch up on homework and research for my Population Nursing class, and hopefully sprinkle a few seeds in the garden.

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