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Saturday, June 2, 2012

birthday business

Wow! I just realized that I will be turning 41 in a few short days. Unlike last year, this event has been low on my radar this spring. However, much as some people like to set New Year's resolutions, I enjoy using birthdays as an opportunity to mull over my intentions for the year to come and  think back over the prior year.

Usually New Year's is the time I find myself focusing on more concrete goals, such as financial or professional. I'm happy to say that this calendar year I met my plan of fully funding my Roth IRA and  also increased the amount I'm setting aside for retirement in a 403 (b). I managed to pay down our mortgage principal, shaving 2 years off the length of the loan. All this has been due to some pretty simple living. Simple, but not deprived. Professionally, I completed two public-health-related classes and plan to continue moving steadily along toward completing my BSN degree, which will (hopefully) happen next spring.

But back to birthdays! For me, this is the time for more introspective, less tangible objectives. This year, I want to put more effort and time into maintaining and developing friendships. They are precious. They need care and attention (like children). Also, I would like to create beauty and order in my home environment, while experimenting more with a lifestyle of simplicity. What can I live without? Materially? Mentally? And what will exist in that future space? Stay tuned for 42.

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