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Sunday, June 3, 2012

simple sunday

Here's a household item we decided we can live without:

....the humble dish drainer.

Oddly enough, this common kitchen feature has been a source of frustration and even contention for Minou and I over the years. We used to have a simple wooden dish rack--I loved the aesthetic, but he was frustrated by its design functionality and inability to clean (we live in the Pacific Northwest, where things that stay damp have a tendency to develop mold quickly).

So we switched to the cheap, basic plastic-coated wire type that can be found in any drugstore household department (you can still see ours lurking sadly in the background of this picture, ready to be schlepped to the garage, on its way out the door). It initially had a rubber pan-mat thingie that quickly developed pink slime--I can't remember the technical term (biofilm!), but it disgusted Minou and he hated cleaning it. So we discarded the rubber mat and moved to an absorbant towel on the counter that could be quickly thrown in the wash. Now, the rack itself has developed small spots of a nasty blackish mold. Minou requested a change to just using the towel-on-the-counter system--why not?

It works, and it's one less thing sitting on the counter (provided we put away the dishes after they dry).

What common household item have you learned that you can live without?

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