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Saturday, June 9, 2012


soft grey day. project complete. whoo-hoo!
one boy is sleeping off a sleepover (or maybe eating pancakes up the street by now), the other is off to the vet's with our cats (he is the guardian of the animals, very in tune with them).
Minou is building a beautiful bench for my mother.
and I'm sitting on the couch, revelling in the sound of the washing machine and a peaceful moment.
many thoughts swirling around, many projects to complete, but none of it feels heavy right now.
rather, inspiring!
I have had a lot of gifts this past week. let me share:
  • a beautiful birthday. loveliest surprise dinner and birthday cupcakes.
  • future kundalini yoga classes. maybe tomorrow.
  • an opportunity at work: taking action that made me very unpopular (this is hard for me, I like to be liked) but may actually have prevented a future tragedy. sometimes the hard stance is what is needed.
  • a student nursing conference and chance to grow, learn and share with some amazing women.
  • a day at the coast. great naps both ways.
  • a partner who invites me for walks every night but understands if I don't go (je t'aime Minou).
  • patience and encouragement from people around me. I'm grateful.
  • a new-to-me sweater & japanese maple from a friend at work.
  • a reminder, which I needed after a brief loss of perspective last weekend (note: never visit giant open houses for sale in the neighborhood you want to live in, if simple living is your real goal), of how privileged I am. why was I born where and when I was? I don't know, but the choices and comforts I have here and now are unusual in our world.
  • a new mantra: to look at a situation with clear eyes and heart and ask "Now, what can I do?"
I hope your week is full of inspiration. What gifts did you receive last week?

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