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Saturday, October 6, 2012

attic avalanche


I had been feeling, dare I say it, just a tiny bit smug about all the decluttering progress I have been making. Watching things going out the door that aren't loved or used, even parting with emotionally charged things like my father's book collection and folders full of prior course material, feeling very proud of myself.

Well, I still am, but I realized today exactly why the house has been looking so spacious.
There's this little thing called an attic.

And ours was completely emptied today, to make room for some renovations--ripping up the flooring and insulation to make it into (eventually) a finished sleeping loft.

And that attic space was full. It didn't feel full, but there you have it. Bring everything in it down the pull-down stairs into the upstairs landing/office area, and there is a horrific, piled-up mess.

And if I thought prior items were emotionally charged--here we are talking baby clothes, baby toys, boxes of papers and cards.... How will we do this?

I'm not sure that P'tit Minou Un will be able to get out of his bedroom to come down for dinner.

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  1. Good choice with the glasses. Good luck with the attic clutter. I too have a small house that I'm slowly clearing of excess stuff. No attic thank goodness but I do have a rather large cupboard in my bedroom that I keep putting off tackling. It sounds as if the space you'll gain with the renovation will be very useful for you. Take a deep breath and wade in there.