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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

simplify for family

My life is so full of competing goals and desires.
It's often difficult to realize what is most important.
And then something happens...
A child's suffering can be just that.
But it can also be the "canary in the goal mine",
a signal that something is out of balance.
A reminder that daily life without time for snuggles, stories, and home-made muffins is too busy.

Yes, I recognize the privilege in making that choice to slow down, to decline work in order to reduce stress and focus on the needs of my kids (and sweetie).
As a mom, I'm usually trying to teach the skills of self-sufficiency.
But even the most self-sufficient of us need a little nurturing and looking after.

So, slowing down...nurturing myself and nurturing my family.
Making the doctor's appointments.
Making the lunches (they can do it).
Making gingerbread chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins for snack.
Making something yummy for dinner.
Helping with homework with extra patience,
and reading an extra chapter or two of Huckleberry Finn.

Also: making time for friends and support (walks, special meetings out).
Looking for the bright spots and encouraging him (them) to do the same.
Enjoying the warm and cozy glow.
Let's hope this helps restore hope and nurtures optimism.
Putting the focus on what's most important...

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