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Saturday, February 16, 2013

frugal friday update

It's the Frugal Friday update--on Saturday!


  • rode bike to work 5/5 days (new benefit: chatted with nice bike commuter coworker en route)
  • filled up gas tank for 1st time this month (we are using less with my commutes out of equation)
  • used the car only once last weekend, to pick up p'tit minou un from far-away friend's house

  • food spending for us four this month so far is around $250--more than I hoped, but pretty good.
  • on the downside, because I have been busy with schoolwork, I haven't been planning/cooking much and meals have been rather plain. Need to work on that this week.

  • thermostats at 64 and staying that way. Ignoring complaints and bundling up. 
  • taking "military showers": get in, water off, soap/shampoo up, water on, rinse, out.
  • turning off lights and "vampire lights": printer, power strips, laptop.

frugal fun:
  • found a gift card I received for my 40th birthday (a while ago) and went out to lunch with Minou during the work week at a fancy delicatessen, twice! (had delicious & interesting sandwiches)
  •  had Friday Family Movie Night (third week in a row). Borrowed the third Matrix movie from the library. Had frugal snacks (Valentines chocolate from a neighbor, snack mix and soda courtesy of p'tit minou un's generosity, and rum and coke for Mama Minou courtesy of winning the liquor at a holiday White Elephant party).
  • borrowed "The City of Ember" from the library per coworker's recommendation. Read it, loved it. Passed it to Minou who read it, loved it (he cried at the end--we are sappy that way). P'tit minou deux also read it and liked it. P'tit minou un read it years ago. Then we watched the movie.

How about you--any frugal fun this week?


  1. THIS is so very awesome! I walked to the Farmer's Market and bought our veggies and chicken and eggs for the week. xo

  2. How great to live within walking distance of the Farmer's Market! That reminds me to go to the Wednesday one downtown on my lunch hour!