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Thursday, September 13, 2012

just things

When I set out jogging on Tuesday, I forgot I was still wearing my favorite pair of earrings. They are small and dangly, delicate, with amethysts. They were  bouncing in an irritating manner as I ran, so I took them off and tucked them in a zippered pants pocket with my keys.

When I got home and emptied my pockets before a shower, I heard a "clunk", the keys fell on the floot, and I realized there was a hole in my pocket. Only one earring was still in there. I was instantly swept with an intense feeling of disappointment. I loved those earrings! I wear them almost daily! I'll never find another similar pair! thoughts ran through my mind.

Then I stopped. I repeated to myself: They are just things. Just things. That's it. Yes, pretty things that I enjoy, but just things. And just like that, I let it go. Things come and go in our lives. Why do we invest so much emotion in them?

As I took my shower I contemplated what other items I might be able to part with given this revelation. I will tell you more about that at another time. Then I stepped out of the shower...and on to the missing earring.

I'm glad to have it back, for now, but even more glad for the occasion to think about things that are just things.

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