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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

sunny day

  • The rain is gone for now and I have a day at home during the week.
  • Minou is upstairs drawing and pricing an attic renovation, from storage to sleeping loft.
  • An architect must follow code, and Minou is a man of principles. We will have a permit.
  • That attic was once full--and is now almost empty. Sigh of relief.
  • My good friend and longtime former neighbor stopped by for coffee and sunflowers.
  • She gifted me with a huge bowl of orange garden cherry tomatoes, and a bag of chard and kale for the simmering Italian potato-leek-bean-tomato soup on the stove.
  • She is feeling more settled in her new home. And while I wish it were nearer to our home, I'm glad.
  • I made whole wheat blueberry-apple muffins for the boys' after-school-and-ballet snack.
  • First mammogram this morning: not painful at all. Whew!
  • how was your day?

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