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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

up & down

I have been driving up and down the freeway...

This morning I was up bright and early, all ready to poke people and get poked myself,
looking forward to some IV skills retraining in the big city of Portland.
Feeling excited and just a little anxious...

A spaghetti of concrete freeway bridges and a bright red sun rising in the hazy autumn morning sky. Fires in the eastern part of our state are very evident in the valley.
Dusty urban brick buildings and cars, cars, cars (and cyclists) first thing in the morning.

And...surprise! Class canceled. Jump back in the car, back down the road, back to work.
Disappointment: I was all ready and anticipating!
Relief: my forearms are intact.

I had a great evening visit with our friends the Yurt People, but I am so, so, so disappointed not to have the evening to spend with my dear friend and Public Health Goddess H.

It was fun to surprise the family this evening, though. "Mama? What are you doing here?!"

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