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Sunday, September 9, 2012

september evening

It seems I don't have much to say here these days.
Life continues on, changes are both with us and afoot.
Waiting for news and waiting for plans to be drawn
leading to a permit and more changes.
Routines and the coziness of home are a comfort.

Both my boys are back to school--
while this may be relief to some parents,
it's sad for me, as our overlapping schedules means
I see them much more seldom. We have breakfast together,
dinner, and a short hour or two of time, homework help, then bedtime.
On the weekend, there are movies together, bike rides, maybe ice cream.
I love the weekends.

Something about September, the early fall,
carries a melancholy sweetness. I look forward to it, and
I find this time of year so beautiful, the light, the leaves, the air,
...but then a sadness strikes. I miss the long days and energy of summer.

It takes all the seasons. This drawing inward is a good thing too.
My tiredness may be just of the body. I ran nine miles today!
I'm on a slow and steady plan, my new mantra for everything.
On November 17 I plan to run my second half marathon.
I feel inspired to start a new round of paring down of possessions.
Again, slow and steady.
It's funny how things cycle--

How is life with you these days?

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