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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

commute challenge update


I filled in at a different (more centrally located) health center for a few hours this morning, where I was able to proselytize discuss the benefits of participating in the Business Commute Challenge and walking, biking, busing or carpooling to work with other coworkers (one Nurse Practitioner who lives in the country told me that her husband bikes two hours into town sometimes! Now that's dedication).

At this center, I was excited to hand out 8 free day transit passes for this week, and a bike flat tire fix coupon to a cyclist. And someone said "Wow--you mean I can win prizes and get coupons for something that I'm already doing anyway?"

Why, yes!
On another note, I have now cycled 20 miles instead of driving this week. I feel fitter already.

And on yet another note--I was inspired by the perseverance of a coworker who quit smoking two months ago and is feeling better, sounding less husky, and doing great. I am constantly amazed by our human capacity to change and adapt and overcome adversity.

Speaking of which, I have a large and looming project to work on for the rest of my day off.

Hope you have a lovely day--what are you up to? Do tell...

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