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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

election outing

Sarkozy is out, Hollande is in!

Minou is sure that it is his vote that did it. After all, he did drive over 100 miles to cast it!

It was interesting--the voting process was exactly what Minou had described to me. After each individual cast his or her vote, their name was read aloud and it was loudly announced "A voter!"

We also had a very nice outing together in the big city of Portland.

We ate out:

hmm...what to choose....

kalamata chicken feta pizza

portabello burger

We walked all over the west side of Portland, taking pictures with pigs

NW 23rd Ave

And ate out again
Laughing Planet salads in Pearl District

And then we drove home, tired (walked over 12 miles) and happy (Hollande has to win now) and ready to come home--the sun never did come out in Portland, but it was beautiful when we got back to the p'tit minous.

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