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Monday, May 28, 2012

Monday Update

Hello everyone! I'm still here.

A combination of working away at completing a big academic project (why, oh why do I still procrastinate..?) and feeling a little shy about having readers (besides my family) visiting my blog thanks to the Minimalist Mom shout-out have contributed to my silence this week.

But it's time to break that and step out.

Biking to work has been going pretty well. I believe in setting myself up for success ( a hard-learned lesson), so my stated goal is to bike at least twice a week--and doing more when possible. Last week, I biked on Monday, despite the rain. I'm set up with rain pants, rain jacket, and visor on my helmet--all I need are little windshield wipers for my glasses. And, seriously, budgeting a little more time. Because of poor visibility (frequent glasses-wiping stops) and longer braking distances, I go much more slowly in the rain. Friday, the rain had finally stopped, and I found myself really looking forward to cycling home through the beautiful wide green fields next to the river (my commute is glorious this time of year).

We finished the Business Commuter Challenge week at work, and I gave what I hope was an appropriate shout-out to the 12 courageous coworkers who participated. As a group, we prevented over 250 lbs of CO2 release into the atmosphere! Prizes and coupons were also distributed.

(Notice to self for next year: none of the people who I persuasively talked in to signing up actually participated--they were honest with me about their other priorities and schedule complications being a barrier).

For this week...

1) finish this project.
2) continue winnowing down my own possessions (wardrobe this week). Empty space is calling.
3) get the garden planted (Minou and I cleared out the beds yesterday).
4) Run. I dreamed about it last night. It's been two weeks. I miss it.

What are your plans and goals for the week?

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