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Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day

Happy Mother's Day!

Especially to my wonderful mom.

Here is time I can say publicly to the world (and to my mom) that I am thankful to and for her.

For sharing her values.

For reading to me. a lot. when I was little.

For teaching and showing that education and learning are important.

For being curious about other cultures and welcoming people from other countries into our home.

For mentoring children she taught who needed extra help. Showing them care. Bringing them home to make cookies.

For letting me know that I am special to her.

For her generosity, to friends and family. To students and to causes. To me and Minou and her grandboys.

For following her passion for storytelling discovered when she was my age now (40). being open to the journey of joy & discovery that has taken her all over the world & created all kinds of community.

For taking me to plays and ballets and concerts and museums, playing music at home.

For her tenacity and perseverance.

For modeling spiritual values in action and for exploring practice in different faiths.

For encouraging me to go off to China to study even when she was scared for me.

For being courageous in speaking her truth even when the stakes were high.

For showing by example that people and experiences are more valuable than things.

For doing her best. in difficult times.

For being involved in her community. Volunteering. Being a steadfast and loyal friend.

For sending me to Europe when I was 12 because it was my dream.

For spending time driving winding mountain roads with me weekly.

I love you, Mom!

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