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Sunday, July 10, 2011


When I visited my friend Sara a few weeks ago, I was admiring her many quilt creations that were displayed around the house. Looking at one led to looking at another, and she pulled out one that had been stored in her sewing room/office on a shelf for a while.

This picture was taken in a not-too-bright room, so it doesn't really do the colors in the quilt justice. It is gorgeous! Thinking about the planning and coordination that goes into selecting the fabrics, colors, and design boggles my mind--as well as the skill and sheer time involved in making the piece.

After I had admired it vociferously for a few minutes, she casually said "It's just been sitting on a shelf. I don't want it. I'll give it to you. Happy birthday. Happy graduation!"

Wow! I had to make sure that she knew that angling wasn't the intent of my admiration...she reassured me that she did, and that she loves to surprise her friends with gifts of her work.

I LOVE this quilt! I still haven't hung it up yet, since the wall where I'm imaginging putting it for maximum effect is part of the stairwell and a little bit technically challenging (I think I need to borrow a painter's ladder).

Let's give thanks today for artistic gifts...both given and received!