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Saturday, July 2, 2011


Guess what day was Wednesday June 29th? That's alright, I didn't remember either.
It was my late day at work. I arrived home at 8:00 pm, tired and starving after the bike commute. I ducked into the house for an egg carton and bowl and back out to collect eggs and greens for dinner. Dinner washed & cooking, feed the cats, feed the chickens, feed the dog...what's that on the table?

Roses? A card? Chocolate? What was going on...?
A special day. 15 years since the church wedding & big party that marked our second wedding. Minou and I were married twice in the month of June, once at the beginning and once at the end (there were two full moons that June too, which happens only once in a blue moon). We generally count ourselves as doing well if one of us remembers one of our anniversaries. We both remembered the first one this year, so of course I forgot the second. Completely! But Minou didn't.

He enlisted some local help (on the part of my mom) to gather some mementos he knew I would like...because sometimes I can be traditional like that. I was so tickled by his sweetness. I had to have a little cry because we are apart.

Nothing to do but smell the roses, eat some of the chocolate, and break open a bottle of wine while waiting for the time difference to allow a phone call.

Thank you my sweet Minou. I love that man.

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