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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Call Me

Hooray, after a week of no phone communication, today I was able to talk with my boys!
They are back from housesitting at a beach house at Cap d'Agde, and from all accounts it sounds like everyone had a lot of fun. There was swimming, walking, exploring, kayaking, snorkeling, trying new foods...ah....

I'm so, so happy that they can have this time with the French side of the family. Happy that I can help make this possible. I wish I could be with them (of course), but it feels good at the same time, in a grownup way, to be supporting them...I 'm an only child, after all!

So today, my heart is full after talking with Minou and both G1 and G2. And smiling: by the end of the phone call, I heard the familiar sounds of domestic chaos & brotherly conflict on the other end...never thought I'd say it, but I miss it!!

On the July Food Stamp Challenge front: nothing new. I have chili, garden kale and lettuce, blueberries and cherries from my garden and the neighborhood, and my friend R. brought me some good bread...I won't need to grocery shop for a while yet. Still at $27.00 for the month. I might go strawberry picking to freeze for the winter this weekend, though!

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