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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New News is Good News

Sorry for the silence! I have been busy with 4th of July socializing, my big downsizing project, and dealing digestive issues (was the last description delicate enough?).

The July Food Stamp Challenge is going well. I am not above mooching, and I took home some very nice leftovers from the neighborhood potluck I attended on the 4th. Yesterday I worked at the the coast, and my mom came along with two friends. We had a great seafood dinner, despite a very long wait which just meant more time to talk (or in my case, listen to inspiring travelling tales). Also, on my morning walk today I again scored two large recycling bags of beer bottles from the recycling box across the street, which should pay for my weekly gallon of milk. And I found two beautiful Queen Anne cherry trees in an alleyway near my home and picked a couple of pounds on the 4th. Hooray! So no new expenses.

I have noticed that I am running out of packaging items such as paper grocery bags (I use them for the trash) and plastic bags (for cleaning up after the dog) because I am shopping so much less. I need to seek some green solutions for those items.

And on that note: two sources of inspiration this week:

Zero Waste Home blog. I saw an article about this family in Sunset magazine in January and was intrigued. The blog is full of great ideas and inspiration!

Friends told me about an online local farmer's market, bringing suppliers and customers within a 100-mile radius together. A little different from a CSA because buyers can select fruits and veggies that their family will actually use regularly, but more convenient than a farmer's market at times...though less social. But the pickup spot on Tuesday nights has woodfired pizza night with local ingredients! I think it's a fantastic idea and it strengthens my resolve ( and the convenience of) local eating...

Have a great rest of the week! Hope it's sunny in your neck of the woods...I am loving these summer days and evenings.

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