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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

frugal failures

So, a frugal update this week: I have had several splurges on food.
And interestingly, they have all been when I was out and about with p'tit minou deux.
Hmm...I sense a theme here. We may need to carry snacks.

After a trip to the eyedoctor's yesterday, we popped into the bakery for a day-old baguette (a fairly good deal). P'tit minou deux noticed that there were also day-old cream puffs in the pastry case--giant, chocolate-glazed, beautiful cream puffs. He did not ask for one for himself. He asked for one for his Papa, who recently celebrated a birthday and had hoped for a cream puff (they were out that day). How could I say no?

Then this evening, I picked up my tired boy after ballet class. He was wishing for a particularly unhealthy type of junk food, and offered to buy it himself if I would only make an unscheduled stop at the grocery store. At 5:30 pm. Okay, okay, he wanted bright orange cheese puffs!

Again, I was swayed. Feeling like a poor excuse for a nurse, I bought my son cheese puffs, after extracting the promise that he would a) not touch them until after a healthy dinner and b) would share with his brother. We added some bananas to our purchase to make ourselves (me) feel better.

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