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Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am constantly thinking about ways to live frugally. It's pretty a pretty ingrained habit by now.
Here are some things I did this week to celebrate frugality:
  • am holding off to the weekend for a big(ger) planned grocery trip, cooking with what's in the bare cupboards and ignoring my cravings for popcorn and chocolate
  • am thinking about what I can prepare with what we have for an office birthday potluck
  • did not go out to lunch with colleagues (I also had homework to do)
  • drank office coffee (instead of using up a lovely coffee card that I was gifted)
  • rode my bike to work four days out of five
  • waited four days to wash my hair (French people wait a full week!)
  • turned a shrunken merino wool sweater into the warmest circle scarf ever
  • drank warm water instead of faux cafe (Pero or Inka, a non-caffeinated favorite) after dinner
  • put holds on five movies at the library (one has 47 other holds) and did not go to Redbox
  • had pineapple upside-down cake made by Minou instead of taking Mamie out for ice cream
  • ate beans or lentils I soaked & cooked myself for dinner or lunch five times this week
Because I did those things, I went ahead and 
  • turned the thermostat up to 71 (because it's coooooold)
  • took a hot bath (it has been quite the week, and it's a semi-monthly treat).
Are you frugally minded? What is one thing you did this week to save?

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