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Thursday, June 9, 2011


So often, I feel like I just let the big moments in my life go by unmarked. Milestones, achievements, pass by without the recognition they deserve. At least in our family, we have spent many years struggling and striving toward goals, but don't always take enough time to celebrate those accomplishments and occasions when they arrive. Here's an example: in the last few years, Minou has obtained an architecture license and I completed nursing school. Neither was an easy feat, but somehow we neglected to have a party. On to the next thing we were working towards. And two more recent examples: a 15-year wedding anniversary (well, we did open a bottle of wine and share dessert) and G1 finishing middle school with flying colors--I'm so proud of all his hard work and effort.

So I decided it was time to stop that trend and host a get-together for my 40th! It was a lot of fun. And a good friend in the neighborhood, who I've known since he was a babe in arms, happened to turn 10 the same day. We blew out the candles together. I know, it looks like I'm monopolizing the cake.

C. & I blowing out candles

The elegant woman in green sandals also celebrated her birthday...

G2 eating chocolate cake

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