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Monday, June 20, 2011

Kitchen Use It Up Challenge Update

Kitchen pickings are growing slim. Here's the real challenge: cultivating gratitude for having food rather than being grouchy about lack of variety or desired items. I have bought only apples and milk so far, but there are almost 2 weeks left in the month. Protein was becoming a problem (lentils are...lentils) but I cheated a little and cleared some salmon patties and frozen chicken breasts out of my mom's freezer (she said that she wanted to empty her freezer too--just helping!). I still have bell peppers and celery. And lots and lots of rice and tea. I'm feeling nervous at the prospect of running out of coffee. Here is one habit that I am very attached to. I do love coffee, but I don't like feeling like I must have it.

By the way, you knew that I was kidding about using up all the wine and stout

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