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Friday, June 10, 2011


Managed to smuggle icky soccer ball into the house...
 looks very pleased with himself!

Minou works from home, so this lucky dog almost always has company. We were worried about how he would do with the transition to staying home alone with my being gone long hours this summer. Would he be bored and get destructive? Would he be lonely and pine away? Would his bladder withstand the strain? Would I find little presents on the floor?

Thankfully, those worries seem unfounded. We are so lucky to have great friends and neighbors. I noticed Sawyer was limping this morning after our morning walk and started to think about it. Between Auntie R. and  K. stopping by to let him out, walk him and run him, and all my morning and evening walks, I think this dog has had more exercise in the past few days than he may have in the past couple of busy weeks. I checked his paw pads and they are all fine (he has torn and abraded them in the past skidding vigorously after a ball). I know he is missing his boys, but Mr. Boyer is just fine...don't worry, boys!

addendum: K. suffered a little, though--Sawyer managed to give her a black eye!

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