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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today was a busy day at work. I worked at a small outreach health clinic. It is situated in a fairly rural, somewhat economically depressed area of the county. I know that the services we provide there are very important to clients. It's great when they are utilized, and that makes me feel happy and helpful.

I wasn't too excited about getting back in the car yet again today, but it was OK. I remain a hyper-careful, and hyper-slow, driver since my accident several months ago. I have never particularly liked driving, and even less so now. The observer part of my brain kicks in and I begin thinking "Why are we all hurtling around in small metal boxes?" I'm retraining myself to look for pull-outs and just let the impatient drivers pass me. I'm not willing to speed up under tailgating pressure. I can't quite shake the memory of losing control of the car. It was a beautiful drive through the sunny, green, forested mountains, however.

Toward the end of the day, I was finally able to check for phone messages and saw that Minou and the boys have arrived at their destination: Southern France. I can picture them there, the sights and smells. So happy for them! They must be exhausted after the tedious hours (days) of travelling. I can't wait to connect.

When I got back to town, I went to dinner with my mom at a favorite local neighborhood cafe/pub. We shared some mac and cheese, and I had a salmon ceasr salad and a whole pint of Guinness. Now I'm trying to keep my eyes open just enough longer to call the boys, then off to bed.

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