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Friday, June 24, 2011

One Bowl

When it is just me and a meal, I love One Bowl dining. It's so simple. Less fuss, fewer dishes to wash, frugal (usually), and somehow very satisfying to have all your sustenance gathered together.

Here was my dinner tonight. I started with a little olive oil in the cast iron frying pan, then added chopped red bell pepper and celery, diced garlic, two large handfuls of baby kale leaves from the garden, and some pieces of chicken breast. Drizzled with soy sauce, it was delicious. I didn't feel like the leftover quinoa, opting instead for a slice of cinnamon walnut whole-wheat bread (baked last night) as dessert.

The basic premise is easily adapted for vegetarians. Olive oil, vegetables of your choice, and a protein source of some kind (nuts, tofu, or tempeh would be good). Add a whole grain and seasoning as desired.

And only one bowl in the sink!

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