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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Friendly Friday

I have to say how much I appreciate the good friends who are reaching out right now. S. invited me to a concert by this singer a few hours away this weekend, which sounded fun and exciting. I needed time at home though; I am just craving time to reflect and renew right now after the last week of goodbyes, busyness, work, and extended highway driving. We planned a "gal's weekend" get-together a little further in the future for hiking and hanging out. I'm looking forward to it!

On Friday, I went to some good  friends' home who live in the neighborhood for dinner and a movie. We had delicious spanakopita, salad, olives, wine and lemon poundcake....yum. While their son C. (who turned 10 last week) was off playing up the street, we started to watch this movie, but when he came home his concerned parents felt it might not be appropriate due to the well-known deli scene. Although he gallantly offered "It's OK, I can just go play Legos in my room," we switched to this film, recommended by a nurse-practitioner I work with (who has a teen daughter). It was sweet, and K. and I agreed that as mothers of boys, it's not the type of movie we might normally rent or borrow, but we all enjoyed it. I've watched a large number of Colin Firth films lately. I was impressed that C.  recognized Colin Forth as Mr. Darcy from this mini-series.

K. & I with her older son E.,
a talented mural artist about whom we will someday say
"We knew him when..."

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