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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sun Hats & Skype

Which hat to choose?

What did people do without all this technology? So many things, I know, but today I'm grateful for the ability to talk with and see my Minous halfway around the world, and receive pictures from them. We Skyped this morning for almost an hour. I saw my sweet boys, Minou, my mother-in-law Mamie and sister-in-law M1.

It must be hard for G1 and Minou, both used to being continuously plugged in, to be off-line so much. They were hoping to discover an unsecured wi-fi network in Mamie's apartment building, but so far no luck. They can use the internet occasionally at M1's apartment. They have all the gear--laptops, I-Touch--but no connectivity. Can we say withdrawal? There is a new library right across the road which could be a possible link--also an escape in the heat of the day. Mamie's apartment doesn't have great air circulation and can get very, very hot even with all the shutters closed up.

It's sunny where they are. They all went to the beach this morning and played in the sea. G1 has access to M1's bike, which helps an independent 14 year old feel his wings. He rode down the bike path toward the sea by the salt-water marshes and nature preserve on his own.

They are eating lots of olives and assure me they are wearing their sun screen....
M1 took them to get sun hats.

He chose this one

G1, M1, G2 enjoying ice cream  in Montpellier

I wish I was with them!

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