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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Saturday Silence

The house is so, so quiet.
Twice, while waking up, I thought I heard Minou call my name.
Dishes stay in the sink (darn it).
The laundry baskets are empty.
The presence of a family, especially kids, fills a house.
It's so odd now. G2's blue nightlight shines at night.
G1's school notebooks sit on his floor.
I sleep with all the porch lights on (for now).
I'm grateful for the animals.
Having someone to take care of makes me feel grounded. Keeps a routine.
I'm living these quiet moments for what they are.
They too will pass.
There have been plenty of rowdy chaotic times
when I longed for a little peace and quiet. Here it is.
Living each moment as it comes, appreciating it.

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