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Friday, May 6, 2011

Forty at 40

A list of 40 things that I'd like to do in the time after 40...

(in no particular order of importance)

1. learn to ballroom dance
2. learn to knit a scarf
3. run a marathon
4. obtain dual citizenship
5. practice yoga regularly (at least once a week)
6. camp alone overnight
7. get another master's degree (in nursing)
8. learn to take photographs
9. visit Mexico
10. visit Uruguay
11. walk the Cinque Terra
12. walk the entire Ridgeline Trail system in a day
13. eat from the garden at least 50% for a summer
14. go car free for a year (at least)
15. visit NYC
16. read 20+ classic novels of English literature
17. learn to speak Spanish well
18. purchase or build a rental property
19. fully fund a Roth IRA for a year
20. visit Singapore
21. learn to give massages
22. live in Paris for a year
23. draw daily for a month
24. attend a Zen Buddhist meditation retreat
25. try different ethnic cuisines
26. have a red cutting flower garden
27. visit southern Spain
28. knit a sweater
29. have a facial
30. write a children's book
31. write a blog
32. live in rural France
33. Become financially independent
34. remodel an older home
35. play an instrument
36. sew myself a dress
37. visit Hawaii
38. eat vegan for a week
39. apprentice in a bakery and learn to make baguettes
40. Return to China and revisit the sites of my study-abroad experience...

How about you? What's on your list?

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