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Monday, May 23, 2011



I enjoy unexpected visits from friends, something that's not extremely common here. Of course, not every moment is the best time for a visit. But as long as "I'm in the middle of something right now" is a comfortable statement, the element of surprise is great. Our good friend K. who lives in the neighborhood will often stop by for a cup of coffee, which I love, or to round up a play date for her son C. with G2. I also love it that C. sometimes comes by on his own asking "Do you want to play today?" K. attributes this habit to her years spent living in Latin America, where visiting without arranging first is a much more frequent practice.

I also love it when friends from out of town come stay with us. Even better when they feel comfortable enough to call on the spur of the moment on their way through the state, and we get to visit with them and have the pleasure of their company. Those are "family" friends.


We are fortunate today to have our lovely friend Ro visiting on her way up north, along with her sleek senior greyhound Indy. She and Minou were in graduate school together, suffered through their thesis projects around the same time, and she was G1's favorite local "auntie" when he was a newborn. She has a fascinating new job preserving cultural and historic resources--not only homes but towns and industrial structures too. Can't say too much more in case her position is top secret, but let's just say that we are thrilled to have her here, and hope that we can have lots more visits back and forth now that she lives in our region.

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