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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ruth's Raspberries

Our good friend and neighbor Auntie R. has created a magical forest of a yard and garden.

Recently, she showed me where her raspberries had escaped their little garden space and were spreading.

She told me to dig up and take as many as I wanted that were outside the bounds of the fenced garden.
I took her at her word!

I've been wanting a raspberry bed--they are my favorite summer berry.
But again, it wasn't in the budget right now. It was on my list of things to save for, and I'd been planning to get bare root canes next early spring. I had thought that they needed full sun, and was planning a spot to dig up a new bed next to the fence separating our yard from our front neighbors'. However, these plants seemed to be doing really well in their shady woodland with just a few hours of direct sunlight per day. And the Territorial seed catalog didn't say they needed full sun--just rich, well-drained soil. So this morning I went shovel in hand and dug up quite a few escapee canes. I put them in our shadiest raised beds, where nothing we've planted has done too well so far (except finally the wisteria). They do get at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, mostly morning sun. I substantially amended the soil in those beds with all that great compost last weekend, so hopefully they will be happy there. And I'm so happy to have this beautiful new raspberry patch, complete with history (they came from R.'s old house & garden). And for free!

Hooray for sharing! Thank you, Auntie R.

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