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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Sorry for the negativity of my last post about homework. My self-imposed time-out worked, hugs and kisses and apologies were exchanged, help was continued (and Minou stepped in for some Papa assistance), and the homework is now almost completed. That is one of the best things about mothering...there is always another chance to do it better. Tomorrow is a fresh start. The next second can be a fresh start!

Yay--finished writing about black holes!!
I woke up early for my fresh start this morning. Instead of a jog, I got started with some of those basics of mothering that go along with keeping a household: tidying, recycling, organizing, sweeping, mopping. It felt soothing, and calming. Creating order in our little world here. After breakfast, G2 wanted to do some rearranging of furniture. We have a very comfortable old red couch that has seen better days. The cats have been shredding one side of it lately. It is on it's way out. G2 suggested that we temporarily move it into the kitchen to see what the living room would look like without it. It looks bigger (not too difficult)!

 that odd white strip is where a bookshelf used to be--awaiting repainting

We liked the couch in the kitchen so much that I think we'll leave it there for now.

And G2 found the forgotten guitar under the old red couch and had fun playing it.

Minou made me a beautiful photo album filled with pictures of me and the boys. Going way back in time...
To remember all the happy moments!

Then we prepared some food to take to a brunch with my mom and good friends.

Fruit salad (apples, mango, banana, strawberries, lemon juice and brown sugar):

And a tofu scramble (sauteed zucchini, crumbled tofu, eggs from the Ladies, garlic and basil):

I got my mom a native bleeding heart plant for Mother's Day. Turns out she had already bought one yesterday to replace the one that had died! When it stops raining, I'll plant the new ones for her.

Sawyer likes the new living room layout, because he has more space to sprawl:

And Minou and I turned on this song way up loud and danced around in our newly spacious living room while G2 danced with the dog. We had a blast.

I hope your Mother's Day was wonderful!

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