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Monday, May 9, 2011

N. Z.

Look who I got to meet tonight! I was so excited about seeing him and holding him all day that I could hardly concentrate at work.
Can you believe that he's less than a week old??

Those cheeks! The cuteness is almost too much.
His big brother O. Z. is pretty darn cute too:

I enjoyed some baby love time:
It was awfully hard to put him down (that is, give him back to his mama--this one doesn't get put down much. He gets lots of in-arm love!). I even got to see his eyes:

Doesn't his mama look beautiful and amazing?
Welcome to the world, N.Z.!! We're so glad this sweet big-little guy is here....


  1. Awesome pictures, Heather! It was great having you come and meet our "li'l" guy. And thanks again for all of your advice and support these last few months. I sure needed it! And Otto is looking forward to meeting the chickens :)

  2. Yay!! Thanks for answering!! Maybe Otto could come meet the chickens this weekend?