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Monday, May 2, 2011

Sawyer Sawyer Mr. Boyer

Introducing...Sawyer Bubba. Mr. B. Bubbadore. It's been almost 1 year since Minou took G2 on that fateful father-son camping trip to the coast that left G1 and I, both ardent dog-appreciators, alone together at home. Actually, G1 was supposed to have gone on a school overnight camping trip, but it was canceled at the last minute. He was pretty disappointed. So when he asked me Saturday morning if we could please go out to the local humane society shelter just to look, I said OK. Just to look.

Is it surprising that we fell in love? I have always liked big dogs. I grew up with a dog. G1 had been agitating for one since his Grammy got her basset hound Bella a few years back. I had been saying: Not now. Wait til I finish nursing school. I can't take on one more thing.

Minou grew up in an immaculate second or third story apartment in France. His working maman was overloaded trying to care for her three children as a widow on a small income. Is it any wonder that he was not fully comfortable with the idea? The dog hair, the picking up of dog poop, the expense...while I knew he was correct about the inconveniences, I think the family benefits far outweigh them.

Well, we checked out all the dogs (just looking) and then G1 saw him. There were lots of other people just looking that day, too, and as soon as we'd played with him in the little yard, and seen his sweet goofiness (trying to stand in his waterbucket, trying to drink without letting go of his ball), we became possessively worried. We couldn't bring him home without Minou and G2's approval, of course, but what if someone else wanted him? He was ours, already.

We quizzed the kennel worker about him, who said he was a perfect family dog. There were no warning postings about be careful around kids or cats or other dogs. Half chocolate lab, half chesapeake bay retriever, he had been found in an adjacent rural county. We put him on hold and went home with anxious hearts to call our other family members, asking them to meet us at the kennel on their way back to town. Because we were no longer just looking. We wanted that dog!

It took a good month before the kids believed their good fortune: we really had a dog! And probably another month before I caught Minou crooning endearments to Sawyer when he thought no one was watching. And now he is really part of the family, all 85 lbs of him. He sleeps on G1's bed (naughty!), hides his head under the table or squeezes himself under the smallest furniture objects possible if voices are raised. He is gentle even with toddlers, and lets the real minous (kitties) of the house think they are in charge. He loves water, mud puddles, and balls. He is a source of comfort, companionship and cuddling for all of us. He bumps us forcefully with his nose when he wants attention. His worst habit is gobbling up chicken poop (yum!).

How about you? Any pets? How did they join your family?

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