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Thursday, May 19, 2011


The sun has finally arrived in our corner of the world! It's amazing the difference that it makes. The world seems to open up, expand. People's moods (and my mood!) lift. There is a general feeling of lightness, happiness, playfulness. It's about time!

 I've noticed how many more people are out and about on a warm spring evening. Cycling home, or driving last night, I see groups suddenly appear on streetcorners. In front of restaurants and coffee shops, all around the university, even gathering in front of churches. People just want to be outside in the golden light and sweet smelling air. I love it.

Do we need the contrast of the long, grey, dark, dreary, rainy winter to enjoy it? I was talking about that with G2 as I drove him home from ballet rehearsal last night. I don't know if golden spring evenings with their hint of rosy sky in the west would be quite as glorious if we hadn't just suffered through weeks of grey. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest. I'm a child of the rain. Growing up, I didn't mind it at all, and going out in it remains a normal necessity. I love the greenness that surrounds us here as a result of all that rain. But I find as I get older, the heavy grey sky has become more and more oppressive. It really does dampen my spirits. I find myself daydreaming about living somewhere with sharp, bright sunlight through most of the year.

Anyway, daydreaming about sunlight is not necessary today--its here! I do need to go to work, and unfortunately both my regular work settings do not have much access to natural light on the interior of the building. So I'm heading out now for a morning walk with Sawyer to soak it in at a leisurely pace before a cup of strong coffee and my quick bike commute. Simple morning pleasures.

I hope that there's sun in your corner of the world today too.

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