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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rush Hour

The compost is here!!
....and Blogger lost my last post about travelling. :(    Oh well.

I'm excited to get started on the compost project, which involves first weeding the raised veggie beds and then transporting and mixing in the compost. Unfortunately, G1 & G2 drained the camera batteries  leaving it on after taking some great photos of the dogs (see below), so I'll take "after" photos of this project when the batteries have recharged. When I got home from work yesterday afternoon, the pile was already there in the driveway. It's almost as tall as G2!

Dog photos by G1 & G2:
                                                            Sawyer Bubba
Bella Basset

The pile of compost is sitting right next to the pile of fill dirt (which has been there since last summer) intended for a different garden project. But before I can start that one, I need to find more urbanite--chunks of broken concrete recycled from construction sites, sidewalk repair, etc. I have been using them to build retaining walls for flower beds  and terracing.

 Sometimes I feel like coordinating all these various projects is like a game of Rush Hour. Do you know that game? It's very fun for both kids and adults, even if you don't care for traditional puzzles. But difficult to stop playing--a  little like blogging. I also find that rearranging furniture in our sweet little house reminds me of this game. The goal is to get the red car out of traffic and off the board, but in order to do that you have to make multiple other moves. Efficiency is the aim.

 Okay, enough computer distraction. It's time to get outside and get muddy! There's also a rush hour component to this project because after a gloriously warm and sunny day yesterday, the sky has clouded over and is threatening rain. I'd hate to have any of that black gold wash away into our gravel driveway.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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